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Does a robot decide (and not just select)? Does a robot feel (and not just touch)?

Is that just a matter of words? Eventually, a problem of ambiguity in language? Within the society, these words used to describe a new process or principle developed on robots can be assimilated spontaneously to an extra step on the way to re-create the ideal of nature. But is it actually the journey that the discipline of robotics has engaged on? What do we, as experts in robotics, have to say about it? And what do these words say about the discipline of robotics itself?

To experts in robotics, such problematic may appear at first as a concern of communication, situated at a linguistic level only.  However, the core of the question is rather a matter of epistemology that invokes our own relation to natural language and rationality.

Based on the ancient technique of rhetoric, we invite you to practice an exercice to shape the values of the discipline of robotics. We suggest to experiment the practice of ekphrasis, i.e. to produce a vivid description of a given object. This exercice is known for creating mental images and revealing a specific perception of the object described.

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